Jade Pearl is an abstract creative and model, who is also a UAL Chelsea College of Arts alumnus. Jade is multifaceted and likes to express all forms of creativity. She started off as a sustainably driven fashion designer where her collection FORESEA (using seaweed yarns and recycled plastics) was showcased at Capsule Agenda Las Vegas. Whist Jade loves to customise and create garments, her main work is in the forms of digital art, illustration, hand crafted art, brand collaborations, murals, panel talks and art direction. 

Jade has worked with brands such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Diesel, Nike, Footlocker, Adidas, Caress etc and has revealed her talent on Channel 4. 

For more information please see “PRESS” 

Art has always been a chance for human beings to express truth through their own eyes. The state of the world is such where our eyes are often fixated on the surface. Anything from skin color to stereotypes; from social media to social facades. When I create, I create from what I see beneath the surface; colours bright and beautiful, uplifting and happy, colours that represent well-being. When we focus on what’s lies beneath the surface, there – and only there – do we have hope for restoring unity, power and a sense of togetherness”- Jade Pearl


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